To calculate the price for folders, first select the size for trimmed page (the final intended size of your leaflet)
and number of pages (every new design is a new page).
Calculator shows the most common combinations.
For your reference, here are the standard commercial sizes you can use.

Then mark the desired quantity.
From colors you can choose 4-color print on both sides.

From papers below, you will find silk and matte papers with various gram weights.
Silk paper is a semi-gloss coated paper. Satin matte is an uncoated paper.
Satin matte is an uncoated paper.
The most common gram weight for leaflets is 150 – 200 g.

In post – processing we offer creasing or creasing with folding.
Creasing leaves a transparent line on your printed work so it is easier to fold the leaflets together.

To pick up the printed materials come to our office at Vabriku 59, Tallinn.
We can also deliver the goods by land transportation to any country.

If you can not find a suitable combination to calculate the prices
please fill out our price request form and we will send the price-offer to you by e-mail.

Discounts apply if the order exceeds €100.

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